Classroom Renovation

3 out of the 6 classrooms are in need of a little TLC
With previous fundraising we were able to tile the other 3 and they are holding up very well, but the others are going to crumble to pieces this coming rainy season. We need £2000 to tile, paint & re-roof the classrooms and bit of dosh to re-cover the blackboards. One donation, a small monthly contribution, or even your very own fundraising idea initiative will save us and save our school!
Easy to donate, exciting to fundraise.
Please consider!


Classroom Furniture

Lucy, Sharon’s daughter, will be contacting various schools in the Midlands area enquiring about any furniture or playground equipment that may otherwise be disposed of. The benches, chairs and tables of our quaint Nursery School are falling apart and lacking in comparison to the amount of attendees. Once collected, a fundraising mission to attain a Shipping Container will be instigated!



Our main educational objective is to instigate English throughout the Nursery School. The Gambian Secondary schools which our pupils move on to at the age of 8 are purely English speaking, so it is vitally important that our pupils have had some experience of this beforehand. Therefore we will be raising the awareness of the importance of this as well as promoting the use of English throughout the school from all staff to pupils. Lessons in our Nursery School consist mainly of songs and nursery rhymes. The second educational objective is for teachers to be assisted in learning and teaching moves for their songs, to encourage learning of word-meaning, and therefore English language development. In the upcoming future, we are looking to start week-long programmes for school students and PGCE students or NQT’s. Being invaluable to a student’s CV, this experience will last a life time, but the benefits brought to our Gambian staff and students would be monumental. If your University or School might be interested in this type of excursion, please get in touch for more information.